Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Officially Take Their Relationship to the Next Level

We just can't get enough of this couple! And we're more excited than ever, because Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are moving in together. The Teen Mom 2 star started dating the hunky traffic controller last fall, and these two clicked immediately.


Chels told In Touch Weekly recently, "We will be [living together] soon -- within a month ... I have my own house, so he'll be moving in with me." Things must be going really, really well with the pair!

And even though Chelsea comes as a package deal with her adorable 5-year-old daughter, Aubree, Cole absolutely adores her too! Chels is constantly sharing pics of Aubs hanging with her man, and she told the mag, "She loves Cole."

She also opened up about having finally moved on from her bad-boy ex-boyfriend Adam Lind. She explained, "[He's] not a part of my life anymore." Of course he still gets supervised visitation with Aubree, under the watchful eye of his parents, but we're glad to hear Chelsea isn't dabbling in those waters anymore.

And Cole is more then ready to be an example of a stand-up guy for Aubree. Chelsea said, "Cole has taken on the parent role ... He is so good with Aubree."

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She recently told MTV, "She's never had a positive male role model in her life. I mean, she's had her grandpa. But as a father figure, he completely stepped up to take on that responsibility more than I ever could have even imagined."

She also confessed that she's in it for the long haul with Cole, explaining, "It's not like we're planning on getting married or anything right now, but I definitely don't see us breaking up ... We'll just take the next step as it comes. I'd love to be with him forever. And I definitely want more kids in general."

We can't even wait to what cute babies Chels and Cole will make together! But one step at a time -- and moving in together is a big one.

Do you think we'll be hearing an engagement or pregnancy announcement soon?


Image via coledeboer/Instagram

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