Kaitlyn Bristowe Admits She's Actually 'Scared' of One of Her Suitors

Kaitlyn Bristowe

The more and more episodes of The Bachelorette that air this season, the more and more evident it becomes that Kaitlyn Bristowe did not have an easy time being in the driver's seat, especially in this week's episode. Between coping with the consequences of sleeping with Nick Viall and her shaky relationship with Shawn Booth, homegirl was freaking out. And what led to that freakout? The fact that Shawn scares Kaitlyn more than any other contestant this season.


In her weekly blog for People, Kaitlyn revealed that the heart-to-heart she had with Shawn in the beginning of the episode was a pretty scary experience, mostly because of how strong her feelings are for him. She wrote:

I am imperfect. I was confused. I knew I was falling in love with Shawn. I was falling for a couple people. And, if I am honest (which clearly I am), I was scared of Shawn. I was worried he wouldn't be able to get through the hardest part of the journey and he would leave. I NEED a strong man, not physically (although it doesn't hurt) but emotionally. I was questioning my decisions and having a tough time understanding my actions and my feelings. 

This is something I love about Kaitlyn: She's so human, and doesn't mind showing it — on camera or off. Being on The Bachelorette is hard, whether you're the actual Bachelorette or just competing. It doesn't exactly sound like fun to know that any and all moves you make might hurt the feelings of someone you're really beginning to care about ... or to watch the person you're falling in love with go on dates with other guys.

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Kaitlyn definitely has some tough choices in her future, especially now that the Fantasy Suite dates and Hometown Dates have swapped places. If she manages to survive this whole thing without a nervous breakdown, she deserves an award. I couldn't do it! 

Do you think Shawn is really in it for the long haul, or will he fold under the pressure of Fantasy Suite dates? 

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