Chris Soules & Witney Carson Romance Rumors Are Heating Up Again

Aaaand ... he's at it again (maybe)! Rumor has it that former Bachelor Chris Soules is dating Witney Carson, his Dancing with the Stars partner -- and this time we hear he's totally smitten and head over heels.


Neither Soules nor Carson have confirmed or denied the rumor that they are hooking up, but sources say his ex-fiancée Whitney Bischoff was not a fan of the dancer and wasn't happy when she heard her man would be spending so much time with her. Some even suggest Carson was the reason why Bischoff pulled the plug on their relationship.

Well, we have no way of knowing whether that's true, but it would certainly explain why Bischoff was nowhere to be found in the audience when Soules was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars on May 5 — though I should mention he claimed the reason the fertility nurse was absent was because she was with family on the anniversary of her mother's death, which is obviously an understandable explanation.

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After his elimination from the reality show, Soules claimed he would be returning home to Iowa because his family needed him on the farm — but in the next breath, he committed to yet another reality TV show: Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition. This dude clearly has no intention of giving up his fame while the TV offers continue to roll in — and 21-year-old Carson would certainly fit into his new lifestyle.

But, there's just one problem ... is this Carson's boyfriend?!

Happy 22nd birthday @carson.mcallister!So glad I was able to spend this special day with you. Xx

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I'm going to throw my guess into the ring: Soules and Carson are not dating. If they were, they'd have absolutely no need to hide in the shadows. 

Do you think Chris Soules is dating DWTS partner Witney Carson?


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