'Teen Mom' Plastic Surgery Transformations: From Subtle to Totally Over-the-Top

Lauren Brown | Jun 30, 2015 TV
'Teen Mom' Plastic Surgery Transformations: From Subtle to Totally Over-the-Top

Farrah Abraham

The stars of Teen Mom have all changed drastically since we met them on 16 and Pregnant. Their hairstyles and fashion choices have all clearly evolved, and for some, the alterations to their appearances went a little bit further. No judgment -- everyone does things to make themselves feel better about their appearances. Hey, if we could suddenly afford to "upgrade" our look thanks to fame, why not, right?

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Plastic surgery is still a much contested and hotly debated issue for women. For instance, there is about a 100 percent chance that anyone who reads the title of this slideshow will have some sort of reaction to it. But as for us, we try to live and let live -- meaning we can't judge women who decide to get themselves a little touch up. Though every woman is beautiful in her own skin, we couldn't help but notice that the Teen Mom stars have had a little help in advancing their looks. Sometimes it really works for them -- and other times, maybe not so much. We've found some before-and-after pictures just to see what the difference looks like!

Here's a look at the Teen Mom stars who went under the knife to enhance some of their, uh, assets and more!

Which plastic surgery upgrades are the most surprising?


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