'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 2 May Feature a Surprise Wedding

On the last season of Bachelor in Paradise, Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd were one of the lucky few couples who actually found love on the beach in Mexico, and they've been engaged ever since. So when's the big day? Although Marcus and Lacy haven't filled us in on the date they've chosen, it might actually be closer than we think. 


Thanks to Wetpaint piecing together some pretty important clues, we now know there's totally a chance that that Lacy and Marcus are getting hitched on Bachelor in Paradise. So what are these clues? Marcus Instagrammed a pic of Lacy getting her hair done for something special, but didn't reveal what it was... and his other recent Instagram posts also make it look like it's possible that they've spent some time chilling in Mexico recently, where BIP is currently filming. Sneaky, sneaky! 


When they released their perfume themed to their engagement and wedding earlier this year, the couple did say they wanted to include their fans in their special day. What better than a ceremony on the same show that brought them together? 

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I'm not totally against a surprise wedding. ABC hasn't been so into Bachelor-themed wedding specials lately, so it couldn't hurt to slip this one in. Besides, would a wedding not inspire some totally romantic behavior from the rest of the cast, too? I'm on board!

Are you hoping Lacy and Marcus get married on the show?


Image via LacyFaddoul/Instagram

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