Farrah Abraham Joins the 'Waist Trainer' Craze Since Every Other Reality Star Is Doing It (PHOTO)

Farrah Abraham is in desperate need of a smaller waist (said no person ever) . Regardless, the Teen Mom star (and adult film star and sort-of businesswoman) is now hawking another product — but the Kardashians already beat her to this one, I'm afraid: behold, Farrah is now waist training.


The 24-year-old mom posted photos of herself on Twitter standing on a balcony, wearing a fuchsia corset that looks like lingerie at first glance. But the newly single reality TV star revealed her fitness secret: she is using — and promoting, of course — a product called Little Tiny Waist, a waist cincher that "helps reduce food volume intake by constricting the internal organs thus helping to promote a healthier practice of smaller meals," according to its website.

You had me at "constricting the internal organs." Because nothing sounds as physically and mentally healthy as strangulating your poor abdomen, which has done nothing but digest your meals and help transport vital nutrients to every corner of your body. But torture it, you must.

Still, am I surprised to learn that Farrah has magically managed to procure for herself yet another business deal and that this one involves pretending she needs to lose weight? Not one bit. Are these photos going to raise eyebrows? Nope.

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Boring. Predictable. Boring. But, I'll give her this: Farrah knows how to make money. She'll promote hair extensions, sex toys, sauce — whatever people want that moment — and, as long as the offers are rolling in, well, why shouldn't she take them? After all, she has a family to support and what else is she going to do? Get an office job? Can you even imagine the battles HR would have to fight with her on a daily basis when she strolls in morning after morning wearing lace pants? 

My only hope is that the young women who wish to emulate her understand that her body, though beautiful, is the product of plastic surgery, genetics, some exercise, and more plastic surgery on top of previous plastic surgery. I could be wrong, but I'd be willing to bet my house, car, and every possession I own on the fact that her tummy owes very little to waist training.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham as a spokeswoman for waist training corsets? Would you buy one?


Image via farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

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