Leah Calvert's New Boyfriend Has a Shady Past She Can't Ignore

While she has yet to confirm it herself, Leah Calvert reportedly already has a new boyfriend, just weeks after her divorce from Jeremy Calvert was finalized. The pair seems to be moving fast, but given some info that just came to light about his shady past, the Teen Mom 2 star would be wise to put the breaks on it.


Sources say that Leah has been dating Theodore "T.R." Dues, and that they're even reportedly looking for a place together in her hometown of Charleston, West Virginia. They met when Leah hired him to be her personal trainer, and the rumor is that he's been staying with her and her three kids at her mom Dawn Spears' house ever since she got back from a 30-day rehab stint for stress and depression.

As if being newly divorced for the second time and just coming out of rehab weren't enough reasons to take things super slow, T.R.'s baby mama reportedly is full of disdain for the reality star.

Mandy Winnell told The Ashley's Reality Roundup, "I did tell [Leah] though to keep her distance from my boys and stay the hell out of my house! I hope she knows what she's doing with him because I'm not far behind. I'll always be around and I'm not really nice ... I do not care for her at all."

Drama city! Now we're learning that on top of everything else, T.R. has a record. According to The Ashley, "In March 2009, a West Virginia man took him to court stating that T.R. bought a car from him in 2008 but never made any payments on the car ... The car was later found 'gutted and stripped' in Ohio. (The case was found in favor of the man who filed it against T.R.) The Ashley also discovered that T.R. was involved in another similar case in 2007."

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Ugh. I'm all about forgiveness and second chances, but it looks like Ali and Aleeah's dad Corey Simms is getting ready to take her back to court in yet another custody battle -- why would she risk losing her kids for a guy she barely met?

Leah's got to slow down and reevaluate. If T.R. proves to be a great guy over time, then wonderful. But right now her priority should be her family.

What do you think of Leah's new boyfriend?


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