New 'Teen Mom OG' Video Makes Farrah Abraham Look Like a Liar

Remember a couple of months ago, when Farrah Abraham insinuated that the MTV film crew was being inappropriate around her and her daughter Sophia? We definitely raised an eyebrow at her, but a new clip from Teen Mom OG of the other girls gushing about their crews makes it seem like Farrah flat-out lied.


Farrah, along with her costars Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, and Maci Bookout have had film crews in and out of their lives since appearing on the inaugural season of Sixteen and Pregnant, and then Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG.

The girls recently dished about their relationships with the MTV crew, and what most of them had to say was totally sweet.

"They're like family," Amber admitted. "They're like distant cousins that come every other week."

Catelynn agreed, and even shared that her former producer Kiki is Nova's godmother! "They have a special relationship already," she gushed.

Maci shared that the crew would often play with Bentley and entertain him, especially if she had to shoot an emotional scene about his dad, Ryan Edwards. She dished, "I love to see Bentley interact with the crew because they're so good with him."

And then Farrah ... "My relationship with the crew I think is ... just come together and enjoy your time together,"  the controversial star said. Not a word about Sophia, or any bond they've formed with the MTV crew.

It's almost like she didn't even want to go there, after saying some disparaging things about them in April. When asked how her daughter was faring with the cameras back in life, Farrah said, "She does have her troubles .... with some of the male camera operators."

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She continued, "I think that's justified, because we're normally not just having an all-male crew and we're normally not having cameras as much in the way when we're getting dressed. Keep in mind, we're women. We not so open usually and usually have more privacy. This was definitely like, 'MTV, what are you doing?' And Sophia voices some of that [on the show]."

From what the other girls have to say about the MTV employees following them around, I highly doubt that Farrah got the only guys intent on watching her and her daughter undress. I say she's full of it, especially considering that she hasn't filed any harassment charges against anyone.

But she's always had a sketchy relationship with reality.

Do you think Farrah was lying about the MTV film crew trying to sneak a peek while she was getting dressed?


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