Farrah Abraham's Latest Business Venture Is the Last Thing We Expected

Seriously, is there anything Farrah Abraham can't do? The Teen Mom OG star certainly gets around, what with her multitude of business ventures, including but not limited to erotic novels, sex toys, pasta sauce, and frozen yogurt. Now it looks as though the 24-year-old bombshell is adding hair extensions to her list as well.


Farrah spent Father's Day weekend in Las Vegas, and from what she posted on Twitter, she's apparently going into the hair care business.

OK, those are some pretty sweet-looking extensions, and as much as we love to hate on her sometimes, she does look beautiful.

Farrah is of course no amateur when it comes to upping her looks. She's notoriously had multiple plastic surgeries, including her nose, boobs, and even a chin implant put in and taken out again. She also was a victim of a botched lip job a few months ago, which left her with a frightfully swollen kisser.

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It's just so amazing that she has time for everything she does, especially considering that she's on her way to becoming a "world-famous plastic surgeon."

Well, whether she's helping to beautify the world through cosmetic surgery or lovely hair products, Farrah is definitely making an impact.

Would you purchase Farrah Abraham's hair care products?


Image via Photo Image Press/Splash News

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