'Bachelorette' Recap: Kaitlyn Pays the Ultimate Price for Sleeping With Nick

Nick Viall

Holy. Freakin'. DRAMA!! Can't Kaitlyn Bristowe catch any sort of a break? It seems like every week, she winds up in hot water with at least one of the dudes, and this time around was clearly no exception.


Um, WTF was up with how the night kicked off, you know, with Ian basically coming right out and calling her a shallow b**** who doesn't care about anything other than making out with a bunch of dudes on TV? And then he had the audacity to talk about being the next Bachelor while driving away in the limo. Uhhhhh, I hate to break it to you, dude, but the Bachelor needs to have a) a decent amount of class, b) a personality, and c) ... hair. 'Nuff said.

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OK, OK -- who gives a flying fig about Ian? Let's talk about the real drama that went down tonight, as far as Kaitlyn and Nick going back to her hotel suite to "sit on the couch and talk," or whatever. Good grief. They totally got it on, people, and neither one of them hesitated to take things to the next level.

And even though she may have regretted taking things so far with Nick in the morning, let's be honest -- it's kind of tough not to act on that kind of insane chemistry after a romantic night complete with plenty of wine.

Sure, it's probably not the best idea for her to get too physically close to one dude when she's dating a bunch of other guys, but she really does have a point. How can you marry someone if you aren't (ahem) compatible between the sheets? (Normal people have sex. Get over it.)

But while the connection she shares with Nick is undeniable, who else feels so horrible for Shawn at this point in the game? OMG. He totally thinks Kaitlyn only has eyes for him, so he's obviously going to lose his sh** when he realizes his "girlfriend" banged another dude ... just one day before he showed her pictures of his family and assumed they're like five seconds from getting engaged.

OMG. What if Shawn really is "the one" and she messed it all up by getting caught up in the moment with Nick? How bad will that suck? And did she really go so far as to tell him he's "the one," and then turn right around and plow Nick's field in the next moment? (I can't.)

Ugh. Do we really have to wait until next Monday night to see how this all plays out? Torture, I tell ya.

Do you think it's wrong that Kaitlyn slept with Nick?


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