Kaitlyn Bristowe's 'Secret' Hometown Boyfriend Is Bad News for Her Final Pick

With so many contestants passing through the Bachelor/Bachelorette, we can't fault them for working hard to stand out and gain fame. It seems Kaitlyn Bristowe might be a lot more savvy than we think — rumor has it she hooked up with and became intimate with two guys on the show's new season, but that she is actually dating a cutie from her hometown.


Sources reportedly told Radar Online that the 29-year-old dance instructor from Alberta, Canada, isn't getting serious with either of the unidentified contestants with whom she supposedly had sex on the reality dating show because Kaitlyn already has a boyfriend: a hot firefighter from Alberta named Trevor Partlo.

Come again?

Yeah, apparently, Bristowe was dating Partlo while filming last fall's The Bachelor and, despite almost winning Chris Soules' heart, went back to Partlo after he opted to give the coveted rose to Whitney Bischoff. When the opportunity came her way to become the next Bachelorette, a source claims she convinced Partlo that any "dating" on the show would be totally innocent. Even after rumors surfaced that she had sex with a contestant, the source says she insisted to her boyfriend that the incident was "hyped up" to gain viewers.

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If you believe the gossip, Bristowe and Partlo were reunited in May and June in Canada, but the whole thing was hush-hush in order to keep folks guessing about the outcome of the Bachelorette. There's even a rumor that her story line with Nick Viall — which had most of us convinced he had totally fallen for her — was made up for the benefit of ratings.

I'm not surprised by any of this — assuming it is true — because I'm long past believing most reality shows are anything more than, maybe, 40 percent real. But I don't think I can wrap my mind around the idea of caring for someone and having to date them in secret for the sake of a reality TV show.

If true, how is Partlo not envious of all of the guys his "girlfriend" could easily fall for? And why would anyone want to date someone who is attempting to become famous for dating a lot of guys?

The whole thing is a bit rich for me to buy — but I guess we've heard of stranger things.

Do you think Kaitlyn Bristowe is secretly dating a man from her hometown?


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