'Bachelorette' Front-Runner Shawn Booth May Have Totally Spoiled Show's Ending

Shawn Booth Kaitlyn Bristowe

Shawn Booth has been a fan favorite contestant on The Bachelorette since day one, mostly because he's a Ryan Gosling lookalike -- what’s not to like, right? But unfortunately, last weekend, he may have landed himself in hot water. While hanging out at CMA Fest in Nashville, Shawn got a little too cozy with one aspiring country singer, which leaves us wondering: What about our girl Kaitlyn Bristowe? Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!


Ordinarily, a Bachelorette hopeful hanging out with a girl wouldn't be a big deal, but in this case, it totally is. According to Reality Steve, Shawn is supposedly Kaitlyn's final pick. And based on a Snapchat video Kaitlyn sent out last week, she and Shawn are still together, so why did a photo surface of Shawn literally straddling someone else?

The girl in the photo, Bri LoBue, told OK! magazine that Sean wasn't exactly acting like a guy who's happily engaged (or even in a relationship). Bri said that Shawn was pretty drunk … and that she wasn't the only woman he flirted with that night.


She said, "He approaches me, and he's just talking, being very touchy, flirty. I go to just put my arm around him. He scoops me up and wants me to straddle him."

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Um, not cool, Shawn -- especially if Kaitlyn is waiting back home. A story like this is tough to swallow, since Shawn seems like such a kind, sensitive guy on the show. We want to love him, but this kind of behavior? Sigh. You're making it hard for us, dude!

Hopefully this was just a night of Kaitlyn-approved debauchery, or she was showered with apologies the morning after and it never went any further than flirty photos. Of course, there's always the chance that this is definite proof that Reality Steve is wrong yet again, and that Shawn doesn't wind up being the final man standing after Kaitlyn hands out her last rose. The plot thickens ...

Do you think this means Sean and Kaitlyn are over?


Image via bacheloretteabc/Instagram

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