Kaitlyn Bristowe Spotted Flirting With Married Joel Madden -- What's Up With That?

At any other time, hearing about the Bachelorette's Kaitlyn Bristowe casually hanging out with a married man would be ... well, odd, for sure ... but the fact that her sex life is already being criticized isn't helping her case at the moment. Bristowe and Joel Madden — Nicole Richie's musician husband — were reportedly spotted hanging out together in an intimate setting without Richie present. Um, why?


Here's the rumor: the 29-year-old dancer, who has been making headlines lately for reportedly having sex with two contestants on the upcoming season of the Bachelorette, visited House of Blues in Los Angeles on June 4, where Madden and his brother Benji (Cameron Diaz's husband) were headlining the Imagine Ball. A source reportedly told Star Magazine no one knew Kaitlyn would be making an appearance and that she wanted to keep a low profile.

Anyway, when the Madden brothers finished their concert, Joel reportedly said hello to Bristowe in the VIP section and gave her a hug. The source then says the two escaped the crowd by retreating to a dark corner of the bar, where they talked "for quite some time" and Bristowe kept reaching out to touch Joel's arm throughout the conversation.

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Richie, 33, and Madden, 36, have been married for five years and share two children, Harlow, 7, and Sparrow, 5. But sources say the couple are on the verge of a divorce and have been spending a lot of time apart lately. We have no way of knowing whether they are already separated and have agreed to see other people (in which case, the Bristowe/Madden story isn't even a story) or if the Bachelorette and Madden are already acquainted and are friends.

I think it's also important to remember that, because so many people are up in arms about Bristowe's sex acts and the fact that she admitted to at least one of them, we should expect she will be subjected to a witch hunt for a few weeks. Anytime she is spotted even smiling in the direction of a man, someone is going to go blabbing to the media about how she was obviously flirting and trying to be a homewrecker.

We have no way of knowing the true nature of Bristowe and Madden's meeting, nor do we have any insight into his and Richie's marriage, but we can be sure the backlash against Bristowe will be fast and furious for awhile.

What do you think about this rumor?


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