'Teen Mom OG' Cast Talks Big Change That Rocked Last Season (VIDEO)

Catelynn LowellThe ladies of Teen Mom OG are breaking their silence about some of the changes that took place during the latest season of the reality show. Fans may have noticed that a wall came down -- the fourth wall, that is -- and some new faces emerged from behind the scenes. 


If you noticed some different folks in front of the camera it's because MTV decided to allow producers and the film crew to be part of the show and the cast says they couldn't have been happier with how things went. Imagine that! Something all the women agree on! Did you ever think you'd see that day?

Catelynn Lowell says the change made the show feel "more raw and honest." Even Amber Portwood had only positive comments about this new style of filming as she believes it offers some explanations for her changing moods that fans weren't able to see previously. It also highlights her relationship with the producers, who offer her a shoulder to cry on as needed. 

Check out what else they had to say: 

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It totally makes sense that the cast would have relationships with the film crew and production team. Chances are they're together for hours and hours. Some surely become the ladies' confidantes as Amber suggests. Maci Bookout is also right on when she says it's like removing the elephant in the room -- it's not like the audience doesn't know the film crew is there. 
Although the ladies liked this change, there's no telling if the next season will employ the same tactics. Stay tuned!

What did you think of the crew being part of the show? 

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