Maci Bookout's First Post-Baby Photo Has People Calling Her a Liar

Maci Bookout has made her first public appearance since giving birth to baby Jayde on May 29, and you won't believe the reaction it's gotten. Some people have jumped all over the photo, and decided that it must not be the Teen Mom OG star, because she looks a little different than she did last month.


Hello? She had a baby! Of course she looks different! Add to that the fact that she's said she's not getting much sleep these days, and she's bound to look a little tired.

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Take a look at this photo posted to her fan page, and see what you think:

There's no denying that she looks different, but dang -- she still looks like her! At least to me she does. As for the people saying it couldn't possible be her, the fan page moderators added commentary, saying:

Those saying the new pic of Maci is not really her lol, really?" the account admins posted. "Same earrings as most of her maternity pics, Bentley's in the background, she's wearing his team Owlz shirt & the girls/other moms present that day have confirmed its Maci. But if you really don't belive [sic], why not just tweet her & ask? Why would you think a pic would be posted of not her? She's an ADMIN on here, guys! #truthovereverything.

LOL -- that's funny. How much more proof do they need? Maci hasn't responded to the controversy yet, probably because she's, you know, busy taking care of her newborn. Funny how adding an entire human being to your world can change it so much.

Do you think Maci looks different?


Images via Maci Bookout/Instagram & Maci Bookout/Facebook

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