'Bachelorette' Kaitlyn Bristowe Was Reportedly 'Intimate' With More Than One Suitor

Kaitlyn Bristowe

The Bachelorette's Kaitlyn Bristowe has had to deal with nasty, slut-shaming comments from the reality show's fans ever since news broke that she slept with an unidentified contestant on the upcoming season. Well, don't expect the double standards to subside any time soon because the latest rumor is that Bristowe had sex with not one, but two contestants.


Almost immediately following the news that Bristowe had become extremely close to and intimate with one of the contestants, the 29-year-old dancer felt the need to explain herself, almost as if her body isn't really her own. She reportedly said she slept with one contestant before the overnight trip to Fantasy Suite and that she doesn't think she's a bad person or feels she should be ashamed of herself, but that yes, she does think she took things "too far too fast."

Now a source has revealed to Radar Online that Bristowe didn't just have a few sexy thrills — she actually told one contestant she loved him, slept with him, and then had sex with a different guy in one of the hotel rooms. Remember: these are JUST rumors. And we aren't sure of the timeline here (before anyone goes off thinking she had sex with two men on the same night).

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Honestly, I feel really bad for Bristowe because I fear she got swept up in the romantic moment and possibly forgot the entire nation was going to be watching her every move and criticizing her for sleeping with these men. Viewers only get to see an edited version of their conversations and experiences with one another. It's totally possible Bristowe truly connected with two men — or, hell, had amazing sexual chemistry with them — and that what she did felt right at the time. It's not our business and her sex life shouldn't be analyzed by people who are either envious or have their own hang-ups about sex.

And now, unfortunately, she'll be called a slew of names for it and will likely always be remembered for being the Bachelorette who had sex with two men. It's a gross double standard and the only way I feel she can handle this now is by not making a single apology for her behavior (because she doesn't owe anyone that) and for standing up for what she did and defending it. Time will tell whether her actions are accepted by millions of fans.

What are your thoughts on this news?


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