Andi Dorfman's Juicy Tell-All Book Is Josh Murray's Worst Nightmare

Move over, Taylor Swift. Bachelorette Andi Dorfman is about to write a tell-all memoir that will probably make your heartbreaking confessions about exes read like sweet love notes. After appearing on reality TV and even starring in her own docu series called Andi's Apple, Dorfman's next project involves sitting at a computer for hours and spilling all the juicy details of her love life — yep, she's writing a book.


Dorfman reportedly scored herself a sweet deal with publishing giant Simon and Schuster imprint Gallery Books to pen a memoir called It's Not Okay, which will detail her experiences on the Bachelor and Bachelorette — and share gossipy tidbits about her love life. Who else can picture her ex fiance Josh Murray rolling his eyes to the heavens this morning?

Here's a synopsis of the project:

By the tenth and most recent Bachelorette, a tongue-in-cheek girl's guide to break ups, revealing never-before-told stories of her dramatic dismissal of Juan Pablo "It's OK" Galavis, her romance as the Bachelorette with Josh Murray, and what really happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

An official project release date has yet to be confirmed, but her book is expected to publish sometime in Spring 2016.

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I know I'm curious to learn more about what drove a successful attorney to give up her career for reality TV, which is essentially what seems to be happening, but I'm also dying to find out her exact reason for leaving Juan Pablo hanging. Obviously, she was turned off by his egotistical behavior, but at what moment did she realize she couldn't even fake liking him for the sake of the show?

Sigh, and Josh Murray. Poor Josh Murray. He probably wants to move on from this experience with Dorfman so badly, but will have to relive it once her book is released — because there is no way she will be able to resist getting the last word in about their relationship and very public breakup.

What do you want to hear more about in Andi Dorfman's tell-all memoir?


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