Maci Bookout Admits She's Taking Bentley to Therapy

Maci Bookout is one heck of a mama, even if she had a rough start at it. Hey, getting pregnant at 16 is never easy, y'all, but through it all, Maci has always been a fantastic mom to Bentley, and now to newborn Jayde as well. So why the heck is she taking Bentley to therapy?


The Teen Mom OG star admitted to Dr. Drew that she's planning on taking her 6-year-old son to therapy. During MTV's Unseen Moments special, she confessed, "We're gonna start, and I'm very interested to see how that will change things and how Bentley will respond."

Don't worry, there's nothing that she's particularly worried about when it comes to her firstborn, she just wants to make sure she's being the best mom she can be. She wants to make sure she and Benny are communicating effectively, so she knows when to discipline for misbehaving, as opposed to when he's just acting out because of an innability to articulate his emotions.

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Maci told Dr. Drew, "It's something I struggle with, trying to balance when to discipline and when to listen because I don't ever want to discipline when he's acting out because he needs someone to listen to him."

After all, Bentley has had a lot of changes coming at him fast recently. First Taylor McKinney moved in and he now has a de facto stepdad, and now he has a new baby sister to boot. That's a ton to deal with, no matter how smoothly things are going!

Thankfully, he has a fantastic mom who wants him to feel safe and a secure, and she has a great partner in Taylor. MTV showed a clip of Maci's boys chatting, and Taylor told Bentley that he can always talk to him too. "You know even if me and your mama get married, I'm not trying replace your dad ... I'm just here to be your friend."

We think Bentley is going to be just fine!


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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