Leah Messer’s 'Traumatic Childhood' Is Still Coming Back to Haunt Her

Things haven't been easy for Teen Mom's Leah Messer and, I'm sorry to say this, but she seems to continue to be making rash decisions that could lead to future heartache. Just a few days after the announcement was made that Messer and her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, finalized their divorce, news has been released about the 23-year-old mother of three that may explain her state of mind — but doesn't justify some of her spontanous and unwise actions.


A source reportedly told RadarOnline that Messer had a "very rough time growing up" and that she "dealt with a lot of pain and suffering" when she was a little girl — situations that even her closest friends don't know about. The source didn't go into detail about the specific traumatic events that may have led to Messer's anxiety and depression — for which she is receiving help at a rehab — but her questionable actions in life make a lot more sense when you think about the possibly scared, sad young woman coping with past demons (whatever they are).

Messer is mom to 5-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah and 2-year-old Adalynn. Her plate is certainly full right now — in addition to dealing with the breakup of her marriage and her own recovery from depression and a reported addiction to painkillers. The last thing she probably needs is another romantic relationship, yet we hear she has already moved on and is dating her personal trainer Theodore T.R. Dues — and is possibly even moving in with him.

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If true, this move is a 30 on the Barometer of Major Life Mistakes. I can understand the temptation to want to receive love and attention when you feel like the rest of your life is in shambles, but Messer is putting infatuation before self-love and the need to take care of herself so that she can take proper care of her children. I hope she remains in rehab until she can get the help she needs so that she starts putting what matters first in life.

Are you surprised to hear that Leah Messer had a traumatic childhood?


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