'Bachelorette' Recap: Meet This Season's Biggest Jerk (So Far)

Here is something cool we learned on this week's Bachelorette: There's this thing called "male intuition," and Joshua sure has a lot of it. Oh! And also, Ian is a total, um, jerk. Like a "Kaitlyn isn't half as hot as my ex-girlfriend" jerk. Godddd.


There was a lot of testosterone swirling around this week and a lot of guys changing face when they began to realize that they're not going to be winning the girl. And who's the cause of all this turmoil? That'd be Nick. Because of course.

We kind of knew they (and that's the producers and the Bachelors) wouldn't let this Nick thing drop after only one week, and they definitely did not. But here's the thing: Most of the guys grumbled a little more about it being "unfair" but kind of got over it when Nick totally outshone them during the Mariachi group date because, like, it's totally out of their control and also whatever.

But Joshua -- dear, sweet, half-mohawk Joshua -- could not get past his "guy intuition" telling him that there's something wrong with Nick. We think that someone needs to explain the concept of jealousy to him, though, because we do already have a name for this "intuition." (And women and men can feel it equally!!)

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Anyways, Nick trying to explain why competition on The Bachelorette is good and Joshua just not being able to summon the brain cells to understand that was pretty priceless, so I'd recommend watching that if you missed it.

But you can DEFINITELY skip over the part where Ian turns into a raging monster, complete with a hugely inflated sense of self-confidence, a intrinsic belief that he's the most eligible bachelor "in the entire world", and a misogynistic core.

This, of course, is a total surprise, because we all thought that Ian was this sexy, quiet figure just patiently waiting his turn for time with Kaitlyn. But NOPE. NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. He's the worst. But it looked like he walked out at the end of the episode, and I hope it's off the edge of the cliff, I mean, out of the Bachelor mansion for good.

And could Ryan Schnozling be next?! We hope not. We'd miss the schnoz.

Do you think Joshua is right to be so mad at Nick?


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