Farrah Abraham Takes 'Selling Herself' to a Whole New Level

Oh Farrah Abraham, we just can't get enough of you! Except for this ... this may be just too much Farrah for the world to handle. The Teen Mom OG star is apparently selling her DNA, and you can own a piece of Farrah for the bargain price of $99.


Or you know, you could spend $299 for realistic sex toys (link is NSFW! You've been warned.) modeled off her lady parts. Just saying.

Anyway, the controversial reality star is selling her DNA via CelebrityGene.com, just in case someone wants to clone her, or make a potion for weird voodoo spells.

In the product's description, Farrah wrote, "I'm excited and honored to partner with Celebrity Gene who has exclusively partnered with some top icons and celebrities in the past."

Those icons and celebrities include Al Capone, whose mitochondrial DNA can be yours for $399, and Native American leader and medicine man Geronimo, whose genetic code can be purchased for $299.

Is it just me, or is this bizarre?

Anyway, Abraham says that a portion of the sales of her DNA will go to Operation Underground Railroad, which helps to rescue children who have been kidnapped and sold into slavery.

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She wrote on the site, "When my daughter Sophia had to get a DNA test it changed her life and created a better future for her,” referring to the genetic testing she had done to prove that the late Derek Underwood was her biological father. She continued, "I hope my legacy can change the world for younger generations and save them from sex trafficking for a brighter future. I'm proud to be an abolitionist, working with Celebrity Gene on this DNA project I hope will help raise funds to change the world for the better!"

Well, can't fault her for the donations to the charity, even if we are having a difficult time understanding how establishing paternity has anything to do with child sex trafficking.

Would you purchase Farrah's DNA?


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