Chris Harrison to Chris Soules: 'Stay Away From My Daughter'

chris soules and chris harrison Chris Harrison, affable host of The Bachelor, took an unexpected, and possibly unintentional, shot at ABC's most recent Bachelor Chris Soules. The longtime rose ceremony officiant was answering what initially seemed like a series of harmless questions posed by daytime talk show host Meredith Vieira when things turned ugly.


Vieira asked the father of two which bachelor he'd never -- she stressed this twice -- want to date his daughter. Without hesitation Harrison said, "Well, probably Chris."

Ouch! Wow, as much as we love Chris H., we can't help but say, "Dude, seriously, did you forget all about the slut-shaming misogynist Juan Pablo??" If he came a knockin' to collect your little girl, would you really be like, "Es OK!" 

So just why did Harrison throw Prince Farming under the bus (or in this case, the stretch limo, or is it the tractor)? 

“He’s making out with everybody!" Harrison reasoned.

In Soules' defense, um, Chris Harrison, have you ever watched your own show? Most of these bachelors and bachelorettes are making out with everyone! Isn't that the point? Would anyone really tune in if they were drinking iced tea and playing Yahtzee? We don't think so!

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Before people thought the two Chris-es were locked in a behind-the-scenes feud, Harrison quipped, "I mean, Chris, I love you, he’s a good friend and I love the guy, but stay away from my daughter."

Huh, so if not a baby-faced farm boy from Iowa, just who would Harrison select for his little girl? Self-proclaimed virgin Sean Lowe, of course!

Well, we guess that makes perfect sense. No dad wants to think of his baby out there with some philanderer or gigolo. Still, it seems a little hypocritical for Harrison to be throwing any stones considering he's collecting a paycheck as a result this popular mating game. 

Are you surprised by Chris Harrison's comments about Chris Soules? Which Bachelor would you least like to see your daughter date?

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