Josh Murray May Join 'Bachelor in Paradise' If Andi Dorfman Keeps Away

Tsk, tsk, just when we thought The Bachelorette's Josh Murray couldn't get any more petty, rumor has it he is considering joining the cast of Bachelor in Paradise, on one condition: former flame Andi Dorfman has to agree to take no part in the show.


I'm not sure why Murray is being courted for the summer Bachelor spin-off series — perhaps because the show lacks a controversial "star" cast member — but, apparently, he is in talks with producers about joining former cast members Jade Roper, Ashley Salter, Megan Bell, Joe Bailey, and a bunch more people who will likely make you wrinkle your nose and say, "Oh yeah, I think I remember him now."

Filming for the show is taking place in Mexico, but producers are reportedly still itching to get either Murray or Dorfman on board — and we hear they're far more interested in Murray at this point.

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If you believe the rumor, Dorfman has been asking Chris Harrison to let her join the cast, but producers are willing to sacrifice her for Murray — who is considering the offer, but ONLY if his ex agrees not to appear on the show.

Ouch. We knew things turned very sour the minute this hot couple began feuding over Twitter (never a good sign), but who knew their hard feelings ran this deep? At this point, they both seem like petulant children trying to dig at each other.

I'm not sure how much we can trust these rumors since Dorfman's appearance on Bachelor in Paradise would probably conflict with her current web series, Andi's Apple, which chronicles her adventures as a single gal living the life in NYC. Don't you kinda have to be in NYC to make a show about living in NYC?

Anyway, stay tuned to find out whether Murray (or Dorfman) decides to try their luck again with reality TV love. Either way, this should be interesting.

Do you think Josh Murray should join the cast of Bachelor in Paradise? What about Andi Dorfman?


Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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