Whitney Bischoff Spotted on Date With One of Kaitlyn Bristowe's Front-Runners

Whitney Bischoff

Holy Moly, people! It's only been a matter of weeks since the news broke that she and Chris Soules ended their engagement, but it sounds like Whitney Bischoff is wasting no time in moving on with her life, possibly with a well-known Bachelorette star. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!


Get this one -- eyewitnesses report seeing Whitney and Nick Viall flirting with each other while on a group date of sorts, which has us scratching our heads, since Nick and Kaitlyn seem all sorts of into each other on The Bachelorette.

Oh, and did I mention that the two of them turned up in each other's company just 2 days after Whitney and Chris announced their breakup? Yep.

Here's how it all went down. According to Star magazine, they met up at a bar in Chicago to watch the Blackhawks game. A source claims:

Nick and a small group of friends arrived at 7:30, and Whitney joined them 15 minutes later. The other friends moved off to let Nick and Whitney have some space together at their table. They were leaning into each other, chatting and laughing -- Whitney's high pitched laugh was hard to miss. She also made a point of lovingly stroking Nick's knee while they talked.

Um, what the WHAT?!?

If this report is true, then it's probably safe to assume that Kaitlyn will cut Nick loose before the final rose is handed out, which means he's single and Whitney is single and BAM -- we just might have a brand new Bachelor/ette alumni couple to obsess over.

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But while the idea of the two of them hooking up isn't all that surprising, Whit and Nick really seem, well, totally wrong for each other. For starters, he clearly prefers brunettes, and he seems to be into gals who are more of a challenge. Whitney has made it no secret that she's looking to settle down, so odds are good that Nick views her as a sure thing.

Of course, maybe having their hearts broken by two exes who used to date each other gives them more in common than we thought? Hmm. This one could go either way. For sure.

Do you think Whitney and Nick would be good for each other?


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