Maci Bookout Shares Brutally Honest Update on Baby Jayde

maci Bookout BentleyBringing home a newborn -- so magical, yet so ... exhausting. Maci Bookout, who gave birth to her baby daughter, Jayde, a few weeks ago, is sharing her thoughts on those early days -- and nights -- and, boy, can we relate!


The Teen Mom star took to Twitter to post a lighthearted update about how things are going in her growing family. Take a look:

Look at that hashtag! Too funny, right? Oh, Maci, honey, we hear ya! Those first few days, weeks, and even months are rough!! It's especially tough the second time around because now you've got an older child who doesn't quite understand that over the course of the week you've clocked the amount of shut-eye equivalent to a single Blue's Clues episode.

In this case, we're pretty sure Maci's 6-year-old son Bentley probably still wants his mama's attention, possibly even more so now that she's busy with his baby sister. It's tough to find time to play and answer all a little guy's question when you're sleep-deprived and those dirty onesies are piling up fast and furiously! 

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Hopefully, fiancé Tayler McKinney is giving the new mom plenty of help and making sure she gets all the rest she needs! Hang in there, Maci, we're sure Jayde will start sleeping in longer stretches before you know it!

How long did it take before your baby slept through the night? 

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