Chris Soules Signs on for Another Reality Show -- So Much for the Farm

The Bachelor's Chris Soules captured millions of hearts because he was so different from past TV hunks — he was a down-to-earth farmer, and one who just wanted to settle down with a nice girl at his sprawling Iowan ranch. Or not. It seems Soules has gotten a taste for reality TV and there's no turning back now. His next gig involves an oven, sharp knives, and a chopping block — any guesses?


After calling it quits with Whitney Bischoff and putting on his jazz shoes on Dancing with the Stars, Soules has agreed to cash in on another talent he apparently doesn't possess: cooking. The 33-year-old will join the cast of Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition and, I have to say, this is one show I can't wait to check out because I consider it the universe's way of saying: you've got looks and fame, but you can't make breakfast without burning it to charcoal. Fair's fair.

Soules will join a cast that includes JWOWW, Dean Cain, Jaleel White, Barry Williams, Kendra Wilkinson, and Ellen Cleghorne. The premise of the Food Network show is that celeb chefs lead a group of people who seriously lack cooking skills through a seven-week culinary boot camp. There are plenty of embarrassing moments along the way that will make you feel 100 times better about your own cooking. The ultimate winner will be awarded a $50,000 prize to donate to the charity of their choice.

Rachael Ray and Anne Burrell will serve as judges and mentors on the celeb edition, which premieres this fall.

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The real question now is: will Soules ever go back to the farm or has he sold his soul to Hollywood? I can't say I blame him for taking advantage of all of the fun opportunities that seem to be falling on his lap since The Bachelor, but it all seems a bit out of character for the seemingly humble man we met not so long ago.

Do you think Chris Soules always had star ambitions or will he go back to the farm?


Image via souleschris/Instagram

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