Kailyn Lowry Confirms State of Her Marriage After Being 'On the Brink of Divorce'

Fans are worried about Kailyn Lowry, after a new promo from the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 shows her saying she's "on the edge of divorce" with hubby Javi Marroquin. They've definitely had their ups and downs over the years, but could they finally be over for good?


In the preview, all the girls seem to be dealing with mega drama in their lives, and Kail and Javi definitely have it out at least once. Javi is shouting, "Get out of my face," and Kailyn tells a friend, "We're on the edge of divorce."

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Say it ain't so! Of course, that was likely filmed months ago, so how are things with Lincoln's parents now? The reality star addressed the state of her marriage on Twitter recently, when a fan mused that that the divorce rumors will be flying soon.


Unfortunately, Kail is pretty used to people nitpicking her marriage. A couple of months ago she posted the above photo to Instagram, and captioned it, "I wasn't gona post this because he doesn't have his arm around me and I know how all of you attack for every little thing and I didn't feel like dealing with it. but Love you."

Keep on keeping on, Kail! You know what they say -- the haters gonna hate, hate, hate anyway.

Do you think Kail's marriage is in trouble?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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