'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 2 Cast Revealed

bachelor in paradise

While any season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette has its fair share of drama, the spin-offs are much more wild, crazy, and full of insanity. Which is why, of course, we are looking forward to letting loose with the newest cast of Bachelor In Paradise where (recently brokenhearted) Chris Soules can watch many of his exes mingle with guys from Desiree Hartsock, Ali Fedotowsky, and Kaitlyn Bristowe's seasons. Plus, a surprise! Check out season 2's cast list!


First off ... they're going to Mexico. And there will be more contestants than last year. Hot! Hot! Hot! Things are going to get interesting ....

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Chris Harrison got his wish and was able to secure the one-time Soules' pursuer, Ashley Salter to join. Expect plenty of bizarre ramblings! Jade Roper, another lady from Soules' season, has posed for Playboy (as I know you recall) so when in Mexico ... we may see A LOT of her.

Other exes of Soules include Carly Waddell who used to work on The Love Boat -- I mean, she was a cruise ship singer. And also the competitive weightlifter Jillian Anderson. I wonder if Ashley Iaconetti (another contestant) will cry as much in Paradise as she did about Chris. Hope not! We'll also get to know Juelia Kinney more -- the super sweet single mom who shared the the heart-wrenching story of her husband's suicide. I hope she has fun -- she deserves to be in paradise.

The frisky Clare Crawley is back for our viewing pleasure (she was on Juan Pablo's season), and we also get to see more of Tenley Molzahn who was first rejected by Jake Pavelka and then fell in and out of love with Kiptyn Locke. This girl ....

As for the guys, Desiree Hartsock's ex Dan Cox will be there -- he once claimed he doesn't do the club scene, but Bachelor In Paradise is no big thing. Desiree's other ex Mikey Tenerelli -- lover of big families -- will be there, too? Making babies? Hope not! Kirk DeWindt, the personal trainer who once vied for Ali Fedotowsky will be mixing it up in Mexico as well.

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Rumor has it that some guys from Kaitlyn Bristowe season are cast along a big surprise female. Oh my goodness! Could it be Soules' ex fiancee Whitney Bischoff?!?!

No one really expects to find love on this show, right?

What do you think of the Bachelor In Paradise cast reveal? Do you think Whit would do it?


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