'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Graham Bunn Makes a Sad Announcement

Graham Bunn

Sigh. Out of all of the strikingly handsome, smart, kind-hearted dudes to ever come out of The Bachelor series of shows, by far, Graham Bunn has to be one of our absolute favorites. He's crazy sexy. He's intense. He's a man who stays true to his beliefs no matter what.


Gah. No wonder DeAnna Pappas was heartbroken when he cut her loose. And no wonder Michelle Money refers to him as her best friend in the entire world (even though it's still a huge mystery as to why their romance didn't seem to work out.)

We simply can't get enough of this guy, which is why we can't help but be totally devastated over the news that Graham will not appear on Bachelor in Paradise 2, or any other Bachelor-spinoff show in the future, for that matter.

(Cue the violins.)

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He told Us Weekly about his plans to leave the series, saying:

I think people have had enough of me. I've been on a few shows.

Had enough? Had enough? We haven't had nearly enough. Just sayin'.

And if the news that his reality TV days are over isn't enough to break our hearts, get this one -- apparently Graham is off the market.

Of his new lady love, Graham says:

She's great, and has been very supportive. I'm very happy, very lucky.

(Um, no, Graham, we think she's the lucky one in this equation.)

Duh. Of course we stalked his Instagram account, and from everything we can tell, this is likely the fortunate lady in question.

We do PiggieBacks like Disney does Cartoons.... Cc: @robertsjlee let me know hahahahaha

A photo posted by grahambunn (@grahambunn) on

Aww. They do look pretty content together. But we're still insanely jealous. Whatever.

And while we do wish Graham the very best, we'd be lying if we said we weren't hoping he'll eventually have a change of heart as far as heading back to our TV screens, if things with this chick don't work out, of course.

Come on, Graham -- never say never!

Are you bummed that Graham is done with the Bachelor shows?


Image via grahambunn/Instagram

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