Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Introduce Baby Novalee to Carly's Mom in Emotional Video

You can't be blamed for holding your breath after reading this: Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra did something that takes a great deal of courage and strength: they introduced their new baby Novalee Reign to Teresa, the woman who adopted their daughter Carly six years ago when they made the responsible decision to give her a life with someone who could properly care for her.


Their reunion was caught on video and, yes, you should arm yourself with a fistful of tissues before viewing it.

Things have been a bit ... awkward ... on the Catelynn/Tyler front as of late. After giving birth to Novalee in January, they openly criticized their open adoption policy with Teresa and her husband Brandon and even stirred the pot by posting photos on Instagram of themselves with a baby Carly — something that is a no-no, according to their agreement.

So, it seems, a mediation was required and Dr. Drew stepped in to help put out a few fires. Things turned out better than anyone could imagine, though, when the happy topic of Novalee came up and Teresa said she would love to meet her and that Carly's little sister will always be an important member of their family. And then — surprise, surprise — Tyler came out on stage carrying little Novalee:


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I really feel for all parties involved here. Teresa obviously loves Carly as if she is her biological daughter. It must be difficult to raise the child of parents who are in the public eye and I can't help but wonder whether she constantly feels threatened that Carly will be taken away from her.

On the other hand, my heart aches for Catelynn and Tyler, who were far too young to handle raising Carly when they had her, but must regret their decision to give her up for adoption every day of their adult lives. This video proves there is hope everyone can come to terms with this difficult situation in a way that benefits Carly and Novalee.

What are your thoughts on Tyler and Catelynn introducing Novalee to Teresa?


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