Jenelle Evans' Dream of Getting Custody of Jace Might Be Over for Good

Ugh, with everything Jenelle Evans has been through recently, we can't help but feel bad for her upon the latest news regarding her firstborn son Jace. She signed over custody of her now 5-year-old son to her mom Barbara Evans when he was an infant, when she was unable to properly care for him.


Jenelle seemed to turn her life completely around, and settled down with Nathan Griffith, and he fathered her second son, Kaiser. They got engaged this past January, and everything seemed like it was falling into place for Jenelle. 

That is until he allegedly held her against their toilet and forcibly removed her engagement ring in March. They were given a no-contact order by the court after that, meaning that they weren't allowed to speak at all, even regarding their shared son. They would have to go through a mediator for that.

When they finally had their court date, the judge ordered them to attend counseling together, so that they could learn to co-parent Kai as best as possible. We don't know exactly what happened, but Jenelle was arrested after that for alleged domestic violence at Nathan.

Nate dropped the charges against her the next day, but it apparently had an impact on Babs, who is now apparently reluctant to give up her custody rights to Jace.

Jenelle recently told, "[My mom] wanted to make sure I was okay and that's about it ... She's glad me and Nathan are split up of course. She just wants me to focus on what I'm doing."

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She also admitted that she doesn't talk to her mom unless it has to do with her son. She shared, "We don't speak that much unless it's about picking up Jace and stuff like that ... I mean, I don't know. It's iffy. It depends on the mood she's in that day."

It's hard to know exactly what's going on, given Jenelle and Barbara's historically contentious relationship, but we hope that no matter what happens, Jace knows he is loved by both his mom and his grandmother.

Do you think Jenelle will ever get full custody of Jace again?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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