Mackenzie Douthit Shows Off Her Brand New Boobs (PHOTO)

She did it! Mackenzie Douthit got breast implants. The Teen Mom 3 star has been wanting an enhancement for awhile, and even made headlines last month when she allegedly tried to crowd-fund them. She immediately took down her page, but it looks like she found some way to pay for them, because girlfriend looks amazing in her bikini, just days after having the procedure done!


Check out this super fit mom of two on a Los Angeles beach just a few days after getting the surgery.

Um, pretty freaking unbelievable, right? She reportedly had the work done by Santa Monica plastic surgeon Dr. Neal Handel, and went from barely filling out an A cup to a good-sized 36B.

Mackenzie has been very vocal about wanting to fill out her bikini tops as she works toward becoming a fitness model, and I have to say ... this look suits her well. She said she got "flat as a pancake" after breastfeeding her two kids, Gannon and Jaxie, and she just wanted to feel more confident and good about herself.

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I freaking love the fact that she didn't overdo her implants. So many young ladies feel like they need to become unnaturally big up top to compensate for what nature didn't give them to begin with that it ends up just being gross. Mackenzie seems to have found the perfect size to suit her petite figure, and I hope that it helps her grow her confidence about her already banging bod.

What do you think of Mackenzie Douthit's new look?


Image via Mackenzie Douthit/Instagram

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