'Bachelor' Runner-Up Becca Tilley Is Finally in Love

Becca Tilley may not have been "the one" for Chris Soules, as he proved by choosing Whitney Bischoff over her on last season's The Bachelor, but that doesn't mean she is sitting around pining over him. Despite what we hear about Soules trying to woo Tilley back after his recent breakup with Bischoff, it seems like the farmer from Iowa is the last guy on Tilley's mind — but her recent Twitter and Instagram posts suggest she's with someone new.


We started getting suspicious about Tilley's relationship status after noticing her Twitter feed has become quite romantic these days. There was this lovely tweet:

Followed by this one:

I don't know about you, but I haven't seen sweet messages like these since high school and I'm SO happy for Tilley because OF COURSE she has found love again — who tweets messages like these for friends?

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The obvious next question is: who is this man who has captured Tilley's heart? Some may be holding on to the hope that she is dating Soules, but the 25-year-old has made it quite clear she has no intention of being anyone's second choice.

Interestingly, both she and ex Dez Duron, who appeared on The Voice, posted a throwback shot on their Instagram pages a few months back.

A little TBT with @dezduron - the original singer of "i believe i can fly". #grandpafish #sensai

A photo posted by beccatilley5 (@beccatilley5) on

Coincidence? Hmmm. I don't think so.

Who do you think Becca Tilley is dating?


Image via beccatilley5/Instagram

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