Stars Hint at 'Parenthood' Reunion


The Bravermans are arguably one of the greatest TV families ever, and terribly missed since Parenthood ended. But there is hope for us fans (hope that goes beyond just watching re-runs) -- two of the stars hinted that there is a good chance of a Parenthood reunion.


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Hey, if Lauren Graham can reunite for Gilmore Girls, she can do it for Parenthood, too!

But it's Sarah Ramos (who played Haddie) and Miles Heizer (who played Drew) who are saying that every one of the stars of the show is into a reunion. If everyone's on board, it's a no brainer for NBC, don't you think?!

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The finale in January was heart-wrenching. At Lauren's wedding, Zeek says to Camille, "Boy, we did good, didn't we?" And we knew ... this was it. Dad Zeek (played by the incredible Craig T. Nelson) then passed away while in his favorite chair, and we see his loved ones scattering his ashes on the baseball field before they played one last game "with him."

I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

So while Zeek has passed on, the show doesn't have to be over. And Craig T. Nelson can still be a part of it with flashback moments. Please, NBC -- everyone is into it, especially the fans. Make it happen!

Are you hoping for a Parenthood reunion?


Image via NBCParenthood/Instagram

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