Farrah Abraham Makes the Internet Explode With Stuffed 'Cat' Jokes

Oh Farrah Abraham ... she always seems to be stepping in it with her outrageous behavior, doesn't she? The Teen Mom OG star did it again this week, by posting a very questionable photo to social media. In the pic, Farrah is posing with a lion cub -- although it's hard to tell if the beast is alive or stuffed.


There were several people who were offended by the supposed domestication of wild cats of prey, and other were upset that such an animal might be stuffed sheerly for human amusement. But the comments that were the most hilarious were the obvious ones ... the ones about Farrah's stuffed ... cat.

Take a look and be amazed:

In case you didn't know, Farrah's main claim to fame outside of the Teen Mom franchise is her appearance in the adult film Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, in which she engaged in a variety of sexual activities with porn star James Deen.

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There were comments about her big p***y, of course, and many references not only to her sexy flick, but also her line of sex toys modeled off of her own lady parts.

It's just one more time that Farrah has shown that she's all about getting attention, no matter what form it comes in. She had to know that people would be upset with this picture, and she for sure had to know that the pussy cat jokes would run rampant. How could they not? It's just too purr-fect of a set up.

See? I just can't help it. The jokes practically write themselves when Farrah is involved.

Are you offended by this photo?


Image via STARPICZ/Splash News

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