Nathan Griffith Drops Domestic Violence Charges Against Jenelle Evans -- What a Relief

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Phew! Looks like someone can breathe a little easier, and just in time for the weekend too! Turns out Nathan Griffith has decided to drop the criminal domestic violence charges against his ex-fiancée and baby mama Jenelle Evans. That's great news for the Teen Mom 2 star and her little ones!


Even though she believed her former love interest would let the matter go, this still must come as a huge relief for Jenelle, who has had her share of legal troubles in the past.

Though Jenelle said it was Nathan who snatched her phone and then locked himself in his apartment and refused to open the door, he, of course, had a different story. Initially, he accused Jenelle of choking and kicking him and ultimately trying to kick him down a flight of stairs. Yikes! 

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Whatever changed Nate's mind, we're just hoping these two can stay out of trouble -- and maybe out of the court system -- at least for their baby's sake. 

Jenelle has been saying she's getting her act together and plans to focus on her kids and school, and maybe this is the wake-up call/fresh start she needed to remind her how quickly all those dreams can be destroyed by fighting. 

Here's hoping that's the end of Jenelle's legal troubles!

Are you surprised Nathan Griffith dropped the charges? 

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