Whitney Bischoff Lets the World Know How She's Feeling After Breakup With Chris Soules (PHOTOS)

If you're feeling any sort of sympathy for Whitney Bischoff after her sad breakup with The Bachelor's Chris Soules, put away your tissues — the lady is doing just fine! The 29-year-old fertility nurse and Soules called it quits just two months after they got engaged on the season finale, but the blonde has been keeping very busy and, judging by her latest photos, doesn't seem even the slightest bit sad that things didn't work out.


The couple announced their split just a few weeks ago, but we aren't any closer to figuring out exactly what went wrong. But, ooh, allow me to throw in my guess, based on Bischoff's recent photos, which show her having the time of her life in Chicago  — both at a Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup hockey game and then at a rooftop bar with a group of girl friends. Bischoff is, at heart, a city girl. There was no way on Earth she was going to be happy settling down in Iowa with "Prince Farming."

I mean, check out what she has been up to — here she is, decked out in Blackhawks gear:

Game 1. Let's do this. Bring home the cup, Hawks!! #chicagoblackhawks

A photo posted by Whitney Bischoff (@whitb624) on

And, later, looking gorgeous while hanging with her friends at a cool rooftop bar:

#raybans and rooftops � @glo_airbrush_tan

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I'm sure there was more behind their split than just a preference for city versus rural living. But these photos, in which Bischoff looks happier than ever, kind of prove she is doing just fine, guys. There is life after The Bachelor and it doesn't look too shabby at all.

Why do you think Whitney and Chris really broke up?


Image via whitb624/Instagram

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