Josh Murray Opens Up About Being 'The Bachelor' (VIDEO)

Will he or won't he? Fans of the show are dying to know whether Josh Murray will be the next Bachelor, after squashing Andi Dorfman's heart by getting engaged and then breaking things off a few months later. Judging by what he said in his latest interview, the answer is crystal clear.


I'm not going to deny Murray's appeal. He's a cutie. And the show's producers are apparently HOT for him and wooing him at every turn to try and convince him to sign up as our 2016 Bachelor. The problem is: unless they can start filming the show tomorrow, there's no guarantee Murray is going to stay single long enough to be their star. Here's what he had to say on Breakfast Television about the reality show offer: "I would consider it. Unless I found love beforehand. I'm honestly just looking for love."

Murray calls himself a "family-oriented" man and says he just wants to find someone with whom he can settle down. If you ask me, his message is clear: he would absolutely agree to appear on The Bachelor. If he wasn't into the idea he would simply rule it out and focus on other endeavors. But he remains in the public eye and continues to give interviews about the show, so his intention must be to continue working with the show's producers.

I mean, that's my best guess.

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I'm not sure how I feel about giving Murray another chance. On the one hand, so many of us loved Dorfman and felt protective of her, so we immediately pointed fingers at Murray when things went sour in their relationship (and it didn't held matters when the two engaged in a very silly and immature Twitter battle).

But, if Murray is being sincere, he really just wants to find a relationship that works for him. As incredible as I consider Dorfman, she obviously wasn't the one — and I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't tune in to see if he can find the perfect match.

Do you think Josh Murray would make a good Bachelor?


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