Kaitlyn Bristowe Accused of Being 'Racist' in Latest Instagram Photo

This season's Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe is nothing if not a goof, but some people are saying her latest Instagram took things too far by alluding to the notoriously racist and just generally awful movie The Interview.


But, um, we're not so sure it did. Here's Kaitlyn's Instagram. Check out the caption:

Same same only different #thebachelorette

A photo posted by Kaitlyn Bristowe (@kaitlynbristowe) on

... and here's the clip from The Interview people think she's alluding to:

Are there similarities? For sure. But was she quoting it?? I don't think so. First of all, she didn't even have the quote right, if that's what she was doing.

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Also, it's not exactly and original phrase, and while James Franco was definitely being at least a little offensive when he said it, it just doesn't seem like Kaitlyn was intentionally referring to that scene.

If she had added "#theinterview," then yeah, we'd be a little more concerned. But as is, "same same but different" could be referring to a 2009 movie by the same name, the children's book by the same name, OR just the phrase that people use sometimes.

People on the Internet are really quick to jump on celebrities/Bachelor contestants for saying offensive things, and honestly, that's not always a bad thing. But we should still be careful not to slap labels like "racist" on people who don't deserve it, and we don't think Kaitlyn did anything to warrant this one.

Do you think Kaitlyn was being racist?


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