Kaitlyn Bristowe Gives Her Two Cents on J.J. & Clint's Mysterious Relationship

Clint Arlis

Sigh. Villains gotta vill, you guys. Even though it's been a couple days since the last episode of The Bachelorette aired, people are still buzzing over the nature of J.J. Lane and Clint Arlis' unusual bromance, and we probably shouldn't expect the chatter to stop any time soon.


While host Chris Harrison admits that their relationship is "more than a bromance," it's kind of impossible to tell what is really going on between them, at least until we gain a little more insight when the sh** hits the fan between Kaitlyn and Clint next week.

In the meantime, Kaitlyn talked about J.J. and Clint and whether or not she thinks they're falling for each other instead of her, and what she had to say may wind up coming back to haunt her. She told People:

I really think it's just them having fun. I don't think they're [gay]. They're just bros.

Ok, so the two of them making a joke out of the whole thing really isn't that hard to believe. But what if there really is more going on than meets the eye, and Kaitlyn just doesn't want to accept that the two of them weren't into her?

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Regardless of whether they have romantic feelings towards each other, it's pretty obvious that they aren't remaining on the show to pursue Kaitlyn (or at least Clint isn't,) so it has to sting a little after the fact, you know, to find out that some of the dudes weren't feeling you.

Chances are she'll wind up being right in the end, and J.J. and Clint will admit they're milking every second of the 15-minutes of fame they've gained from the show. But until one of them sets the record straight on whether or not they're simply "bros," Kaitlyn might want to prepare herself for just about anything.

Do you think J.J. and Clint are really gay?


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