Chris Soules & Whitney Bischoff May Have Split Over Becca Tilley

becca tilley chris soulesIn the wake of Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff's split, rumors are flying like crazy. Given that the Bachelor couple seemed ready to head back to the farm together after Chris wrapped up Dancing With the Stars, what possibly could have happened to cause them to call off their engagement? Quite possibly Chris' hangup on runner-up Becca Tilley.


Bachelor insiders who spoke to Celebrity Dirty Laundry claim Chris was still talking to Becca after he was engaged to Whitney Bischoff, and he made it very clear to Becca that he was still interested in her.

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The source says, “Becca told Whitney that Chris was still talking to her. She exposed him out of spite, because he didn’t choose her in the finale. Becca is really bitter, and she wants nothing to with Chris, so she told Whitney the truth – that he was still trying to talk to her behind Whitney’s back.”

Hmm. Sounds a little too immature and crazy, doncha think? Then again ...  even if Chris wasn't pursuing Becca while he was with Whitney, he may, at the very least, still be open to a future with the Louisiana native down the road, according to Hollywood Life's insiders. They report that Prince Farming is "not one who would be looking back and thinking that he made a mistake, he chose the girl he was in love with, and it didn’t work out. Now, if he ever bumps into Becca in the future, that is a different thing, he would ... rekindle something if the fire is still there for both of them."

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Uh huh. Well, given Becca's response to Twitter followers encouraging her to get back together with him -- "Ya’ll are funny – 'get back together with that guy who didn’t choose you in the first place.'" -- something tells me that a future for these two simply isn't in the cards, whether Chris wishes it was or not.

Do you think Chris still carries a torch for Becca?


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