Jenelle Evans Discusses All the Dirty Details of Her Most Recent Arrest

jenelle evansAnd the truth shall set you free! Jenelle Evans is finally speaking out after she was forced to appear before a judge last week for allegedly assaulting ex-fiance Nathan Griffith. If you recall, she turned herself in after Nathan had a warrant issued for her arrest. Supposedly their altercation happened while Jenelle was picking up Kaiser, but what caused things to escalate to the point that the police were dragged in? 


Evans told The Real Mr. Houswife that when she was picking up Kaiser, Griffith grabbed her phone, wouldn't give it back, and then went and locked himself inside his apartment. Jenelle says she simply asked for her phone and her son, but Griffith refused to answer the door, so she left. Next thing she knew, her old flame had pressed charges against her, claiming he'd been attacked. 

But, if there's any good news in this for Jenelle, it's that Griffith asked that those charges be dropped just 24 hours later, she says. 

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With a court date set for later this week, Jenelle is banking on the charges being dropped for good and putting this incident behind her. Let's hope so! 

As for Nathan? Jenelle says they only talk when exchanging Kaiser. While it's sad, it sounds like the arrangement could definitely be for the best, considering the tumultuous past these two have shared! Plus, the last thing this mama needs is more mug shots to add to her collection. 

Because they'll always be connected through Kaiser they owe to to him, and themselves, to try to make their relationship as amicable as possible. Here's hoping they can move forward in peace!

Do you think there's hope for Jenelle and Nathan to get along?


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