Jeremy Calvert Is Moving on With His Life -- Leah Isn't Going to Like This

According to reports, Jeremy Calvert filed for divorce from Leah Calvert earlier this year, and he's apparently wasted no time at all in moving on. While Leah is rumored to be cleaning up in rehab, Jeremy already has a new girlfriend, and according to sources, things are getting serious.


According to RadarOnline, Leah's soon-to-be-second-ex-husband has been cozying up to 24-year-old Ohio single mom Brooke Wehr. The 27-year-old reality star reportedly met her while working near her hometown, St. Clairsville.

Jeremy travels often for her work as a pipeline engineer, which was a constant source of tension in his marriage with Leah.

This isn't the first time we've heard rumors of a fling for Jeremy -- he allegedly sexted with Brittany Musick after meeting on Twitter, and reportedly had a physical relationship with tattoo model Melissa Marie. His relationship with Brooke is apparently the real thing though.

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A source told Radar that Jeremy and the Ohio University Eastern student hang out all the time, and he even met her family when they recently got together at the Oasis Bar and Grill in Belle Valley, Ohio. The insider reported, "Both Brittany’s and Jeremy’s families know about the relationship ... Her family approves of him."

We're assuming they meant Brooke, not Brittany, given the context. Either that or Jeremy really gets around!

We don't know much about Brooke, other than that she's a college student, and also a single parent. She has a 4-year-old daughter with a former fiance. There's no word on whether Jeremy has introduced his new girlfriend and her daughter to his own 2-year-old Adalynn, but it's unlikely given that she seems to be staying with Leah's sister at the moment.

Hopefully Leah's getting her head together at rehab, or extended therapy, or whatever it is she's calling it, because the only thing worse than breaking up when you don't want to is when your former partner moves on at lightning speed. Jeremy's love life is not going to be easy for her to deal with.

Are you surprised that Jeremy seems to be moving on so quickly?


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