Caught on Film: Amber Portwood Throws Major Tantrum During 'Teen Mom' OG Reunion With Dr. Drew (VIDEO)

Amber Portwood Matt Baier

Amber Portwood is no stranger to drama, so it shouldn't surprise fans to learn that things heated up pretty quickly for the Teen Mom OG star during part 1 of the reunion hosted by Dr. Drew. Portwood stormed off the stage when the Celebrity Rehab host questioned her decision to move full-steam ahead into a relationship -- including an engagement! -- with recovering addict Matt Baier.


Though Baier, 43, put a ring on it, and Portwood swears she's happier than ever, he has a bit of checkered past. Apparently the aspiring professional poker player was arrested last year for issuing checks without funds, driving under the influence, and simple assault. Yikes!

That seems like a lot to take on, doesn't it? Still, it wasn't until Dr. Drew uncovered that Baier and Portwood decided to move in together 13 hours (!!) after meeting for the first time that tempers began to flare. Take a look:

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When Dr. Drew refused to let up on finding out where Baier, who uses his Twitter feed to take shots at other Teen Moms, is in terms of his sobriety, Amber had had enough, telling the doc:

I’m about to walk off this stage because this is getting annoying. It is what it is, we’re not addicts, we’re not fighting. I don’t like this. I don’t want to do this. I’ve worked too hard on myself. This is just stupid to me.

Dr. Drew did get Baier to admit he's been out of touch with his sponsor and agreed he probably does need to check in. 

While it's great that he and Amber say they're happy together, it seems like Dr. Drew is speaking out of concern because he knows precisely how hard Amber has had to work to get to this place and clearly no one wants her to backslide because of moving too quickly into a sketchy relationship.

And her own happiness aside, she has Leah to think about. Though she's said her "Boo Boo" and Baier get along great and have "a natural connection," we really hope she thinks this through before heading down the aisle. Can't wait to see what happens in part 2!

Do you think Amber was justified in storming off or is Dr. Drew just trying to open her eyes? 


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