Chris Harrison Admits That J.J. & Clint's Relationship Is More Than a 'Bromance'

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Man. We already knew there was something fishy going on between Clint and J.J. on The Bachelorette, and last night, the mystery over the nature of their relationship got even deeper. Um, are you even believing that Clint was hoping to get a rose from Kaitlyn Bristowe simply so he could stay in the house for one more week ... to hang with J.J.?


It's understandable that close friendships sometimes develop on the show and all, but when a dude goes so far as to play a girl in the hopes of spending more time with another dude, it definitely makes us wonder if there's more going on than meets the eye.

Well, apparently we aren't the only ones who are curious. In a new interview with TV Guide, Chris Harrison spoke about J.J. and Clint's "romantic" relationship, and what he had to say leaves us even more confused:

First of all, the fact that we would allude to that I'm not sure why that would outrage people. Why is that a bad thing? I think what people are worried about is that it's sensational and that if the show didn't live up to the promo then that's not fair. I get if it wasn't in line with what we saw, but in my opinion it is. It's not just a simple bromance. I don't know what it is, but I don't think it's that big of a stretch the way they were talking and acting. I'm still not even sure what to make of it.

Huh. He "doesn't know what to make of it?" Yeah, join the club, buddy.

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And while the preview for next week's episode makes it look like J.J. and Clint have some sort of a "lover's spat," the two of them are joking back and forth on Twitter like crazy these days, so they must have gotten over their little tiff fairly quickly?


What can we say? Villains gotta vill ... and at this point, anything is possible when it comes to what the two of them will turn out to be to each other. 

If we're lucky, maybe we'll gain a little more insight at the "Men Tell All" special? (Fingers crossed.)

What do you think is going on with J.J. and Clint?


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