'Bachelorette' Recap: Clint & J.J.'s Big Secret Is Even Weirder Than We Thought

Bachelorette sumo wrestlingGah. Could tonight's episode of The Bachelorette have been any more uncomfortable? No ... I mean, like it was literally painful to sit on the couch at home and watch the ridiculousness that went down. Between seeing the dudes' butts censored out on the Sumo date, watching Kaitlyn and Ben dig through insects and snakes to get out of that ... chamber, and the sex education date? Um ... I can't.


Oh, and don't even get me started on Tony opting to send himself home. Dude and his bonsai trees are a match made in heaven. That is all.

But man, things really unraveled at the end of the night, when Clint and J.J. totally revealed their true colors, and Clint came right out and admitted that the only reason he wanted to get a rose from Kaitlyn was to remain in the house ... with J.J.?

Ok, so we knew the bromance thing was going on based on the previews released by ABC last week, but good GRIEF -- can you believe Clint actually played Kaitlyn simply for the hope of being able to hang with J.J. for at least another week?

And how about when the two of them fist-bumped and said, "Villains gotta vill," or whatever? (Cool tagline, but not in this situation. Just sayin'.)

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What the hell is wrong with this dude? Clearly he is either trying to gain an extra 15 minutes of fame, or he truly is the king of the d-bags, but for Kaitlyn's sake, let's hope she kicks him to the curb before she has a chance to find out. (And J.J. too, for that matter.)

Based on the sneak peek of next week's episode, it appears as though Kaitlyn is about to put Clint in his place and move on with the genuine dudes in the house, but still, it's early enough in the process where anything is possible.

On another note, who else can't wait to see Nick Viall return next week? (#omgIloveNickbutdon'thatemeforit)

It definitely looks like the major shake-ups on Kaitlyn's season have only just begun!

Is there one guy you are rooting for at this point?


Image via bacheloretteabc/Instagram

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