Nick Viall & Kaitlyn Bristowe: Their Secret Relationship Before 'The Bachelorette'

kaitlyn nick making out nycBy now, all of Bachelor Nation is well aware that a ghost of Bachelorette past -- aka Andi Dorfman's runner-up 34-year-old Nick Viall -- comes back in season 11 to pursue Kaitlyn Bristowe. But the news according to the gossip mill is that instead of simply exchanging a few flirty tweets, or emails, or texts, Nick and Kaitlyn actually got to know one another very well before she was named the Bachelorette.


Rumors are flying that Nick took a trip to L.A. in February around the same time Kaitlyn was preparing to start shooting the show. Although, the press was focused on how he may have been rekindling his flame with Andi (silly, because that seems like a ship that has LONG sailed), he may have actually been meeting with show producers and sneaking in alone time with Kaitlyn ...

Their winter meet-up may have actually turned into a hookup, according to

Hey, it would explain why Kaitlyn was so down with allowing him to be on the show ... and why it looks like (well, at least according to the previews) that the two made out right away in NYC, as Reality Steve notes in his episode guide spoilers.

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Sure, Kaitlyn hasn't had a problem kissing anyone right away (more power to her, I say!), and we know Nick is all about the passionate make out sessions, but still ... wouldn't they be even MORE likely to jump one another if they had already established a connection?

Maybe it was just FaceTiming all the time, like Reality Steve notes. But if they actually did hook up prior to the show, so what? The Bachelorette's supposed to be about finding true love, so if Kaitlyn and Nick really have the potential for a serious relationship, who wouldn't love to see that play out? Well, ha, I guess the rest of her guys ... But doesn't look like, as of the June 8th episode, they'll have much of a choice!

Do you think Kaitlyn and Nick may have hooked up before the show?

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