There's More to Leah Calvert's Stint in Rehab Than MTV Let On

When we heard the news that Leah Calvert was in rehab, we were hopeful that the Teen Mom 2 star was finally confronting her demons and tackling her alleged pill addiction. But it turns out that it's not what we thought at all -- according to reports, MTV forced her to go if she wanted to stay on the show.


RadarOnline originally reported that Leah entered rehab on May 3, but The Ashley's Reality Roundup claims that she skipped out, and didn't go until May 21. The rumor is that her stint is being filmed for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, which kicks off on July 9.

The Ashley also reports that Leah only went to rehab because MTV forced her to go per her contract. Leah's had a messy relationship with MTV lately; she previously dropped out of the upcoming season, but then decided to renew for unknown reasons.

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Whatever's going on with her, the network reportedly refused to have her back unless she agreed to the rehab. While it's good that she's there to hopefully get her life, health, and emotions sorted out, I can't help but wonder if it will ultimately do any good? Isn't the first step supposed to be admitting you have a problem and need help?

I hope Leah gets her head together soon, because I'm sure her kiddos miss her a lot. They're being taken care of by various family members right now, but nothing can take mom's place. Her 5-year-old twin daughters Ali and Aleeah are with their dad, Corey Simms, and his wife Miranda, while 2-year-old Adalynn seems to be staying with Leah's sister Victoria and her new husband. Victoria's posted several pictures of the adorable tot to social media, implying that she's taking care of her full time.

Hopefully Addy is getting some time with her daddy Jeremy Calvert too. It would suck for her to be away from both of her parents, no matter how much fun she's having with her aunt.

Do you think rehab will help Leah get her head together?


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