Jenelle Evans to Be Turned in To Police After Reported Attack on Nathan Griffith

Jenelle Evans

When we heard yesterday that Jenelle Evans was wanted by police after a heated altercation with Nathan Griffith, we weren't exactly surprised, since this isn't the first time the two of them have gotten into a horrible fight that resulted in the cops being called.


And while there are two sides to every story, Jenelle's camp claimed that she went to Nathan's house to pick up Kaiser, and that he refused to give him back, which somehow led to him running her over with his truck.

Of course, the police report indicated that Nathan was the one left with scratches and bruises after their argument, and supposedly the police could not find Jenelle after the fact, which left us scratching our heads.

I mean, if Nathan really did run her over, why isn't everyone more concerned with her safety as opposed to her whereabouts?

But yesterday evening, Jenelle's attorney gave a statement to Us Weekly to clear the air, saying:

I can confirm that there is a warrant out for Jenelle's arrest for criminal domestic violence, stemming from an incident that happened last night. She is not taking out any charges on him (Nathan.)

Her attorney also confirmed that Jenelle didn't require medical treatment after allegedly being run over by Nathan's truck, so that's a relief.

He went on to add:

We are going to turn Jenelle in tomorrow morning, and we'll have her bond hearing tomorrow in Myrtle Beach City.

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As for what really went down between Jenelle and Nathan that left the two of them in this crazy situation? We may never know the whole truth, though the reason the fight started in the first place is actually pretty heartbreaking.

Jenelle's attorney explains:

... I think that in her heart she thought that maybe with them breaking up that they would get back together because they have a child together. And I think she's just very hurt that he has moved on.

Aww. Doesn't that make you feel kinda bad for her? If she's been clinging to the hope that the two of them would reconcile and be a family again, it's understandable that she's having a hard time digesting the fact that Nathan doesn't want to go down that road.

But given their track record for breaking up and getting back together, there's still a chance that we haven't seen the last of Jenelle and Nathan. Until he puts a ring on another woman's finger or she winds up all cozy with someone new, anything is possible.

Who do you feel worse for, Jenelle, or Nathan?


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