'Bachelorette' Suitors Clint & J.J. May Be Falling in Love ... With Each Other (VIDEO)

Clint JJ BacheloretteHmm. So far, this season of The Bachelorette is shaping up to be pretty scandalous, what with the bombshell that Kaitlyn Bristowe had sex with one of the men ... and well before the fantasy suite dates. But if a new promo obtained by E! News is any indication, Kaitlyn getting down and dirty with one of her dudes might not be the most jaw-dropping moment we see in coming weeks after all.


This could be nothing more than a case of very clever editing, but take a look at this sneak peek clip, which leads us to believe that Clint and J.J. wind up falling ... for each other. They're even calling it "Brokeback Bachelor," you guys. (Yep. They went there.)


Uhhhhh ... what the heck? I guess it really wouldn't be the oddest thing in the world if two guys wound up getting pretty close in the house, considering they spend pretty much all of their time together, but is it really possible that Clint and J.J. wind up having more than just a bromance?

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After watching the video a couple times, I'm pretty convinced this is just a really bang-up editing job, especially since the whole mashup of Clint saying he "loves J.J." followed by, "I need to get a rose tonight ..." doesn't make sense. J.J. obviously isn't the one handing out roses, Kaitlyn is, so odds are good those two sentences were spoken at different times, not in succession.

Of course, at this point, anything is possible, and it certainly would be pretty groundbreaking if two men on the show decided they were more well suited for each other than the woman they initially came on the show to win over, so we probably shouldn't rule anything out just yet.

Who knows? This could be the beginning of a pretty unconventional, yet beautiful love story. Stranger things have happened, right?

Do you think Clint and J.J. are in love?


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